Kuwaiti farmer catches massive falcon

A Kuwaiti farmer caught a massive falcon by luring it to the ground after threatening his sheep but says he might set it free again, the Kuwaiti Arabic language daily Alanba reported on Sunday.

Amer Al Ajami said he trapped and caught the bird by a “technical” method after he saw it flying above his sheep many times.

Pictures published in Alanba showed the bird could be a Peregrine Falcon, one of the largest types of falcons. Its wings are very large while its back is gray and the neck and head are grayish- black.

“This type of falcon is one of the most dangerous birds of prey….I stalked the bird and caught it in a technical method that did not cause a serious injury to it….i have moved it to my house,” said Al Ajami, who was shown holding the bird.

“I am willing to hand it over to the zoo…if they refuse to take it, then I will set it free again…but I am concerned that this bird might threaten my sheep again…it can devour a small goat or even a baby.”

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