Man held for claiming to be “world’s savior”

Saudi police arrested a man who was stopping people and telling them that he was the long-awaited savior of the world, a newspaper in the oil-rich Gulf country reported on Sunday.
The 43-year-old man was shouting to passers-by in a street in the central town of Makkah to stop and listen to him.
“He used his car to block their way to force them to listen to him,” Sabq online Arabic language daily said.
“He claimed that he was Al-Mahdi Al-Montathar (the Chosen Imam Al-Mehdi) and that he has an advice for all Moslems.”
Police caught the unnamed man red-handed and took him for investigation to determine if he is mentally normal.
Moslems believe Imam Al-Mehdi, dubbed “the ultimate savior of mankind’ will eventually reappear as a great reformer who will destroy the beliefs of injustice and ignorance and fill this earth with fairness after it has been filled with injustice and oppression.
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