Man rapes 10 of his family; films them

An Egyptian man is facing trial on charges of raping at least 10 women of his family.

The incident came to light when his sister called the police after she was locked in her house and repeatedly raped by him at gun point, reported Al Youm Sabea’a.

According to police reports, he visited his sister on the pretext of checking upon his old mother, who stays with her.

But, the 40-year-old accused continued staying there for a few days, and locked his sister in the house and raped her.

After a few days, when she got a chance to be alone, she dialed the police who broke into the house and rescued her and arrested the accused.

And then followed the gory details. His sister-in-law [wife’s sister] came forward to say how she was raped by him and how he had filmed the act and threatened her to make the picture public if she were to tell anyone about it.

The woman also alleged that her two young daughters were raped by him.

Later, many more women of his family reported to police about being raped by him and claimed that they had kept quiet fearing his backlash and fearing for their reputation.

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