Men drugged and raped girl under cover of Saudi sandstorm

Two men taking advantage of one of Saudi Arabia’s worst sandstorms on Saturday took a university student to the desert and drugged her before raping her, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Monday.

The 23-year-old girl told police she took a taxi after the university told students to leave early because of the storm. She said the taxi took another road but she could not notice this due to the reduced visibility.

“I later found myself in the desert and I begged the driver to take me home but he refused…he then phoned his friend who came and joined him,” she said.

“They then gave me an injection by force after which I lost consciousness…when I woke up later, I found myself near a petrol station.”

Police, quoted by the Arabic language daily Sabq, said medical tests showed the girl had been drugged and raped. The paper said police had identified the car and were close to arresting the two rapists.

Man raped by five men

Five men fooled a 22-year-old Saudi student to come for a date with a girl at a deserted place and took turns in raping him before robbing all his belongings.

The student was looking for the presumed girl who texted him on his iPhone but could see only five men jumping on him and beating him up.

“They then tied him up and took turn in raping him…when they finished, they stole his money, three mobiles, his watch and his ATM card which they used to get more money,” 'Ajel' Arabic language daily said.

It said police later arrested the five after finding the student’s mobile phone with a Bangladeshi man, who showed police a receipt carrying the seller’s name.


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