Minister gives Biz Class seat to special-needs girl

Saudi Arabia’s minister of social affairs gave his first class seat to a crippled Bahraini girl travelling aboard the same flight to Bahrain after he saw her struggling to get into her seat, a Saudi newspaper reported on Monday.

Yusuf bin Ahmed Al Uthaymeen has just taken his seat aboard a Saudi airline flight on his way for an official visit to Bahrain last week when he saw the girl trying hard to take her seat in the business class with the help of a female escort.

He quickly stood up, went to the girl and offered her his seat, Sabq Arabic language daily said, adding that the minister helped her in sitting.

“He then asked her escort to take the crippled girl’s seat in the business class so he can take her seat in the economy class."

The paper’s report was headed :”The minister of social affairs took a noble stand last week when he gave up his first class seat to a girl with special needs.”

Lightning kills two swimmers in Saudi

Two Saudi young men were killed after they were struck by lightning while they were swimming during heavy rain in the Gulf Kingdom.

Police and medical teams rushed to the beach in the southern province of Jazan after receiving a phone call about two bodies floating in the water.

Divers took to the two men, in their 20s, to the ambulance but they were already dead, Sabq newspaper said, adding that doctors identified lightning as the cause of death.

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