‘Monster’ dad sets daughter on fire for refusing his advances

Cairo An Egyptian father is accused of setting his 24-year old daughter on fire, after she refused to have sex with him, the Al Youm Al Sabea'a newspaper reported.

According to horrific details of the case which the Qalyub Police Department received, the father was a monster who regularly harassed his daughter.

The victim, who is recovering in hospital, accused the father of raping her several times and forced her to watch pornographic films.

She added that her mother fell sick a long time ago and told her daughter to run away from the house to escape the father.

Hubby finds wife cheating after one month of marriage

An Egyptian man returned home to discover his wife of one month, in bed with another man, Arab News Agency (ANA) reported.

The angry husband claims he found his wife wearing revealing clothes and when he asked her why she was dressed like that, she said that she was waiting for him.

The husband doubted her and found a man hiding under the bed, the ANA report stated.

The husband rushed to the kitchen and took a knife and attacked the unfaithful wife and her lover, but the neighbours interfered and transported the wife and lover to the hospital in very serious condition.

The husband surrendered to the police where he said he was happy with his wife, but never anticipated this nightmare.

He said he works as an electrician and is out of the house most of the day.

3-year old killed despite family paying ransom

A 3-year old Egyptian child boy was kidnapped and killed by unknown persons for ransom, reported Al Watan newspaper.

The newspaper report stated that despite the family paying the ransom of 25,000 Egyptian pounds through a third party, the perpetrators had no mercy on the child, killed him and dumped the body in the Nile.

A number of residents took part in the child's funeral, which turned into a demonstration after the end of the ceremony where they condemned the police.

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