Saudi bride killed on way to her wedding

A Saudi girl on the way to her wedding was killed after the car driven by her father crashed into a power pole in the Gulf Kingdom.

Police said the 25-year-old bride died on her way to hospital while her father suffered from serious injuries and was admitted to the intensive care unit at the hospital in the southwestern province of Najran close to the border with Yemen.

Restaurant fines customers who don’t finish dish

A Saudi restaurant became the first eating outlet in the oil-rich Gulf Kingdom to introduce fines against customers who do not finish their food in a bid to encourage them to be moderate in their orders.

The restaurant in the eastern town of Dammam said its new rules are based on Islamic teachings, which prohibit extravagance in food and drinks.

“Some customers supported those rules while others said the restaurant has no right to do so…they said the restaurant could lose many customers because of such a decision,” Sabq Arabic language daily said.

Maid ends life at police station

An Ethiopian housemaid used her scarf to commit a suicide at a police station in Kuwait after an abortive attempt at a prison in the Gulf emirate a month ago.

Prison guards had managed to stop the maid from committing a suicide in the last moment in Jahra area in the capital Kuwait City last month.

“She was later moved to a police station in another area…she waited for the police to go to Iftar (Ramadn evening meal) and used her scarf to commit a suicide inside the toilet,” Alanba Arabic language daily said without mentioning why the maid was jailed.


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