Saudi bride's dream man came riding in... on 6 white donkeys

The picture of the groom went viral on social media. (Supplied)

A Saudi groom had an idea to make his wedding day special. He decided to get married like in the old days in his country, where men were carried in by a carriage pulled by donkeys.

On his wedding day, his rented six donkeys for SR1,200 and was accompanied by his relatives and friends.

The groom, Ali Al Jubran, was carried in by the donkeys for about 25 minutes till he reached his house in the Al Hafoof area, along with his friends and relatives.

According to his family, he did not want to imitate the grooms nowadays where they make sure to rent expensive cars and decorate them with flowers.

He wanted to do it like in the old days.

The picture went viral on social media, though he did receive some criticism for what he did.

Some quipped, saying that the bride’s dream man came on a white donkey instead of a white horse.
“What matters is that he came and she got married,” said Reem, a 20-year-old Saudi girl.

“It is a special day, and he must be more mature and stop acting in such silly way,” said Nawal, another Saudi girl.

Others defended him saying it is his wedding day and what he feels is all that matters.

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