Saudi family rescued from “sorceress”

Saudi authorities have arrested an Indonesian housemaid for alleged use of magic to control the life of her Saudi employing family for nearly two years, a local newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The maid’s magic spell was so powerful that the family members had gone into seclusion for a long time and most of them were made to serve the maid, the online Arabic language paper Alsaudi said.

The parents and their children in the central town of Barida had been almost hypnotized by the maid’s powers while they were also so frightened of her that they could not report her to the police all that time, the paper said.

The ordeal came to an end when the mother’s sister realized there was something wrong with the family and pressed her sister to tell her the truth.

After hesitation, apparently for fear of the “sorceress”, the sister reported the case to the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Saudi Arabia’s most influential and feared Islamic law enforcement group.

“The ordeal began nearly two years ago, when that Saudi family brought in the maid from Indonesia…armed with her experience and deep knowledge of witchcraft and sorcery, the maid, with the Devil’s help, managed to cast a powerful magic spell on the family….this resulted in the family coming under the full control of the maid, who started then to give orders and to act as the employer…..she was so powerful that the mother began to serve her, prepare her meals and make coffee and tea for her,” the paper said.

“The maid did not stop at that…she also controlled their social life as they could hardly be seen at any public or family occasion or gathering for two years……members of the Commission who sneaked into the house at the request of the mother’s sister could not believe their own eyes when they saw her give orders to the family…they quickly arrested her.”

The paper said the arrest of the maid has “restored normal life and happiness to the hypnotized family after they were deprived of happy life for two years.”

“After the magic spell was smashed by the Commission members, the father could not help stop crying in front of them…it was a very touching scene that will never be forgotten,” the paper said without indentify the maid and the family or say whether the domestic worker would be prosecuted.


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