Saudi family urges approval of maid’s execution for murder

Indonesian maid killed ageing Saudi man and fled before she was raped by 9 men

The family of an ageing Saudi man murdered by an Indonesian housemaid at his home urged King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to endorse her execution, rejecting persistent pleas by her embassy to pardon the woman under Islamic law.

The sons of Saud Al Otaibi said they had waited more than enough for the court to order the beheading of the maid after she was sentenced to death 3.5 years ago.

“We appeal for King Abdullah and the Minister of Interior Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz to end this delay and order the quick execution of this killer…we will not feel any relief until the sentence is executed..we will not accept anything but right,” his son, Muneef said, quoted by the Saudi Arabic language daily Sabq.

According to the paper, the maid waited for the other family members to leave home, picked a large wood stick and hit Saud on his head as he bent down to pray at his house in the western town of Taif.

She then stole around SR31,000 in cash and jewelry worth nearly SR100,000 and fled. On her way out, she was offered a lift by a Saudi man, who drove her to an abandoned rest house outside the city and raped her with his eight friends.

They then stole all her money and drove her to nearby Makkah, where she was hosted by a friend.

Police later arrested the nine rapists who led them to the maid’s whereabouts. During investigation, she confessed to the murder, prompting court to sentence her to death.

Indonesian embassy officials, who were present in most court sessions, tried many times to persuade the victim’s sons to pardon the maid in return for Islamic diya (blood money) but they refused. The maid was again sentenced to death by an appeals court.


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