Saudi gets call from missing 'son' after 28 years… from Israel

Abdullah Al Zahrani of Saudi Arabia was visiting the Grand Mosque with his wife, little daughter and his newborn son early 28 years ago.

Just as he and his wife went to perform evening prayers, a woman came and asked the girl to let her carry the baby so she can get her some water.

When the girl brought the water, the woman had vanished with the baby.

Zahrani’s son, Mohammed, was only around seven-months old when he was snatched by the unknown woman.

Nearly 28 years later, Zahrain refused to give up and went on MBC television last week to appeal for help to find Mohammed.

“A few days later, Zahrani received a call from an Israeli man claiming he is his son.

“The man told him that he decided to phone after listening to his story on television,” 'Sabq', Saudi Arabic language daily said on Wednesday.

It quoted Zahrani as saying: “So far, we could not verify the information given by that man although he told us a story very similar to what happened to Mohammed.

“But he could have just heard it and the only way now is to check his DNA.”

He added: “This young man sounded to be very determined and said he was certain that he is our son.

“He speaks fluent Arabic, has Israeli citizenship and is married to an Israeli of American origin. He told us he has children.”

Zahrani, a resident of the Western Saudi town of Makkah, where Islam’s holiest shrine is located, said he was trying to meet that man outside Israel for DNA tests.

“I cannot go further than this and I now need help to see this man to check his story. I appeal for King Abdullah and all kind-hearted people to help me.”


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