Judge approves 'WhatsApp' divorce...

A Saudi man used the WhatsApp messenger service on his smartphone to divorce his wife 10 months after their marriage and the court considered it as an official divorce although he told the judge later that he did not mean to divorce his wife.

After receiving his message, the wife went straight to court in the Western Saudi town of Madinah and showed it to the judge before asking him to approve the divorce.

“The judge considered the message as an official divorce as the word was mentioned three times. He approved it and granted the wife a divorce although the husband told court that he did not mean to divorce her,” Okaz daily said.

Bride divorced an hour after marriage

A Saudi man crowned a love story he had lived while studying abroad by marrying his sweetheart back at home. But an hour later, he divorced her.

The sheikh who was brought for the marriage had just performed the rites and started to leave when he was stopped by the bridegroom.

Relatives and guests at the bride’s packed house in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah stared in disbelief as the groom asked the Sheikh to perform a divorce.

The Sheikh himself was shocked and at first thought the groom was joking.

“But the groom insisted on the divorce. The reason was that his mother and the other members of the family told him to cancel the marriage on the grounds she is not the suitable wife for him,” Sabq Arabic language daily said.

The paper described it as the quickest divorce in Jeddah, the Gulf Kingdom’s second largest city after the capital Riyadh.

Wife locked up for seeking divorce

A Saudi man locked up his wife at home to prevent her from going to court to ask for a divorce because of his mistreatment of her, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The woman said she phoned the police and asked them to rescue her but they refused on the grounds it is a family problem.

Sharq newspaper quoted the wife as saying her husband had divorced her twice before and that he had beaten her and their four children many times.

“She decided to divorce him and the judge set a date for the divorce case. On that day, her husband locked her up to prevent her from going to court,” the paper said without mentioning if the woman was divorced or not.


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