Saudi marries 14 times but has no kids

A Saudi man has married 14 times over the past 37 years to get children but all the marriages did not produce any babies.

Mutlaq Suleiman, 53, first married when he was 16 years old but divorced his wife after three years because they did not have any children.

“Afterwards, I married 13 other women from different nationalities and I once had four wives at a time,” he told the Saudi Arabic language daily Ajel.

“The last wife was a Syrian who was 36 years younger than I am….she once went to Damascus to visit her family and never returned….I then learned that they prevented her from returning because I could not have babies.”

Despite his failure to get children, Mutlaq appears to have made an achievement. “Mutlaq achieved a record in the number of wives in the Kingdom,” the paper said in a report from the northern town of Arar.

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