Saudi to set up e-gate for Prophet’s Mosque

Muslims around the world can soon access the Prophet’s Mosque in Saudi Arabia and get vital information related to it through e-gate services being developed by the Prophet’s Mosque Affairs Agency, newspapers said on Sunday.

They quoted Abdul Aziz Bin Ali Al-Ayoubi, Head of the Computer Section at the Agency as saying pilgrims using the e-gate can get detailed information and addresses of housing units allotted to them before embarking on their journey to the Prophet’s Mosque in the western town of Medina.

The service will also provide vital directives such as the visiting hours allotted for women and the timings of their entry in Al-Rawda Al-Shareefa.

“It will also deliver important information such as conditions set for those who want to observe I‘tikaf. The e-gate will be a great resource for researchers as it will provide titles of all references in the Prophet’s Mosque Library,” he said.

The facility will also include scientific and historical encyclopedia focusing on the history and the sanctity of the Two Holy Mosques besides information on expansions carried out in the area from the era of the founder of the Kingdom until the reign of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz.

“The e-gate service will also have round-the-clock direct transmission from the Two Holy Mosques. Moreover, Internet users can listen to the Holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s Hadith through this service .”

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