Saudi wife gets 80 lashes in front of university staff

Saudi woman assaulted a co-worker on discovering that she was his second wife. (SUPPLIED)

A Saudi woman paid a heavy price when she was lashed 80 times inside a university for assaulting an employee after discovering she became the second wife of her husband. But her rash act did pay off eventually as the husband divorced that woman.

The unnamed woman, in her 40s, had stormed the university in the northern Saudi town of Rafha and attacked the woman at the arts and science faculty after learning she had become the second wife of her husband.

At court, the judge sentenced her to one month in prison and ordered her lashed 80 times in one batch inside the university in front of all its staff members.

“The case infuriated the husband who divorced both wives…but he later decided to re-marry his first wife,” said Sharq newspaper, which carried a rare picture of the lashing.

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