Saudis shoot down missile from Yemen

A soldier loyal to Yemen's government uses binoculars as he takes position near Al Jadaan area, which was taken by pro-government army from Houthi rebels, in the country's central province of Marib, on December 21, 2015. (Reuters)

Saudi air defence systems shot down a ballistic missile fired from Yemen, state media reported.

The missile, fired late on Monday night, was intercepted on a trajectory towards the Saudi city of Jizan, Saudi Arabia's state news agency SPA quoted a coalition spokesman as saying.

A source in Jizan said there was no sign of any attack in Jizan Economic City, where a refinery and oil terminal are under construction, some 80km north of the city of Jizan and about 150km from the border with Yemen.

Saudi Aramco said all its facilities in the area were ‘in safe and normal operations.’


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