Speeding car rams into man, splits body into two

An Arab man’s body was split into two after he was hit by a speeding car in Saudi Arabia, causing some people on the site to collapse.

The man was crossing the road in the southwestern town of Raghdan when the car which was moving at a high speed rammed into him.
“The body was split into two…the upper part was catapulted by the car for nearly 500 metres while the lower part remained at the accident site,” Kabar daily said.

“Some people who happened to be in the area fell unconscious after seeing the man’s body split into two parts.”

Baby born with heart on the left

A Saudi mother gave birth to a baby boy whose heart is on the right and kidney on the left side, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Doctors at the government hospital in the southern town of Khamis Mushait described it as a “very rare” case that happens once in every one million people, the Arabic language daily Sabq said.

The boy was born on Friday and both the baby and the mother are in a good condition, the paper quoted doctors as saying.

“But doctors told the father that his son could suffer from stomach and pancreas problems when he grows up because of this case,” it said.


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