Teacher probed over anti-Islam comments

A Saudi university is investigating a female professor after receiving complaints from students that she made anti-Islam comments when she said a woman’s face veil is not compulsory in the religion, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.
The female students told the management of the university in the western Saudi town of Laith that the professor made the comments in class and complained that such remarks had shaken their faith, Kabar newspaper said.
In their complaint, the students said the unnamed teacher told them that women’s face veils are not compulsory in Islam and that the old Egyptian king Pharaoh had embraced Islam before his death.
The professor also said a general belief by Moslems that Imam Al-Mehdi, dubbed “the ultimate savior of mankind’ will eventually reappear as a great reformer is not true, according to the paper.
“The students told the management that the teacher used some expressions that could shake their faith in Islam…the management of Umm Al Qura university has opened investigation into the students’ complaint,” it said.
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