Teenage girl raped four times

Saudi police arrested an Arab man who raped a 13-year-old local girl four times and threatened to harm her if she tells her family, a newspaper said Saturday.

The man who works at an optics centre in the eastern town of Safwa met the girl at the centre when she bought lenses for her eyes.

“He seduced her to go out with him and raped her….he threatened to hurt her if she tells her family about it,” 'Ikhbariya' daily said.

“Her mother found out about it when she started to notice a change in her daughter’s behavior…after she pressed her, the girl told her that she had been raped four times…her mother told her husband who informed the police.”

The paper quoted a police spokesman as saying the unnamed man had been deported for robbery but returned to the Gulf Kingdom as he is married to a Saudi and has children from her.

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