Tragedy on the Nile: Lovers kill themselves after marriage denied

A Romeo-and-Juliet type of tragic love story happened recently in Egypt on the banks of the river Nile. (File)

A Romeo-and-Juliet type of tragic love story happened recently in Egypt on the banks of the river Nile, according to a report in the Arabic daily newspaper ‘Youm7-Sada Al Balad’.

The Romeo in this story was 25-year-old Mohammed Al Wakeel who recently got a job in the workshop of a water company in the country’s Al Buhaira governorate.

Mohammed used his salary from this job to support his mother and sister because his father had died earlier.

But financial difficulties did not prevent him from falling in love with a girl next door.

A friend of Mohammad, identified as AM, said the boy was a friend of the girl’s brother and visited her home occasionally.

Mohammed initially kept his love for her a secret but revealed it to her after he got the job in the water company. She agreed to marry him.

Mohammed told her that he will meet her family with his marriage proposal.

Unfortunately, her family, who owned a big butchery in Damanhur, rejected his marriage proposal because of his weaker financial condition. They also tried to force her to marry another man.

Mohammed was deeply disappointed, which showed in his Facebook postings. He fell into depression and no longer met his friends.

His friend AM said Mohammed’s friends tried their best to make him forget her but all attempts failed.

Mohammed’s condition went from bad to worse on Sunday night when he came to know the girl was proposed to be married to another person, although she fought with her family and refused to marry this person.

After a quarrel between the girl and her mother, the girl jumped from the balcony of her fifth-floor apartment. The girl was taken to Damanhur General Hospital in critical condition where she died the next day.

When Mohammad came to know what happened the next morning from some neighbours, he and his mother rushed to the hospital. He was shocked and became hysterical, screaming ‘No No,’ when a hospital official informed him about the girl’s death.

Struck by grief, Mohammed rushed out of the hospital, followed by his mother and one of his friends.

He went to the top of a bridge opposite the hospital and, in front of his mother’s eyes, jumped into the river below.

His dead body was recovered from the river and taken to the morgue where it was placed next to his lover’s corpse.

But this angered the girl’s family gathered outside the morgue and they protested placing Mohammed’s body next to that of their child.

The family of the dead girl tried to prevent morgue workers and police from placing the two lover’s corpses besides each other.


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