Two Saudis caught on camera scavenging for food

Two Saudi men were caught on camera scavenging for food inside two big garbage bin and a local newspaper used the picture to slam authorities.

Sharq Arabic language daily said its photographer took the shots when he saw the two men, dressed in traditional Arabian dishdashas, searching for food and clothes in the bins. It did not specify the area where the pictures were taken.

“Can you believe such pictures…you have to believe…these people are scavenging for food and clothes in a country which is a major oil exporter at a time when oil prices are above $100 a barrel,” the paper said.

“What has forced them to do so…to find something to silence their hunger or at least find a piece of cloth that could hide the shameful flaws of the competent authorities, who have failed to preserve the dignity of these people or at least provide them with a decent livelihood or treat them as humans.”

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