Two Saudis weighing over 430kg cry for help

They live in separate areas and are appealing for help

Two Saudi men have become so fat that their combined weight exceeds 430 kg, turning them prisoners inside their homes and prompting them to appeal for help.

The two live separately on the northern and southern edges of the Gulf Kingdom.

One of them, identified as Hattan, weighs more than 250 kg and is aided by his family every time he wants to stand up.

“I appeal for help. I need treatment at a specialised hospital but my family can not afford expenses given our limited financial resources,” the 30-year old Hattan told the Arabic language daily Sabq at his home in the southern province of Asir.

The paper said Hattan, who is suffering from thyroid disorders, is part of a 17-member family living in a four-bedroom house in the city.

The other man, A. Anzi, weighs around 180 kg. He lives in the northern town of Arar and can hardly walk because of his weight.

“My weight has turned me into a prisoner at home. I only leave to the nearby mosque to pray and come back straight home. I find it difficult to walk and pass through the doors of my house,” he told Arar newspaper.

“I decided to speak to a newspaper in the hope I will get help…I need treatment urgently as my weight will likely increase further.” 


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