UAE condemns Friday attacks


Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foreign Minister, strongly condemned in the strongest terms the heinous terrorist crime that targeted the Imam al-Sadiq Mosque in Sawabir district in the centre of Kuwait City, on Friday.

He stressed in a statement the full support of the UAE leadership, government and people with the sisterly state of Kuwait, along with its leadership, government and people in the face of adversity and common struggle against the terrorism and extremism.

Sheikh Abdullah said: “This heinous crime and targeting of places of worship represents a brutal escalation of extremist groups wearing the mantle of religion to justify their barbaric acts,” and added that  Islam is completely innocent of responsibility for such acts. He warned of sectarian strife, which these organisations are trying to drag the region into it.

The UAE Foreign Minister further expressed his sadness and deep regret at the loss of innocent lives, extending the UAE's sincere condolences to the Government, people of Kuwait and the families of the victims. He also wished a speedy recovery for the injured.

Sheikh Abdullah urged the international community to unite ranks and collaborate to discharge its responsibilities in the fight against terrorists and extremist groups.

Attacks in Kuwait, Somalia, France, Tunisia condemned

Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister State for Foreign Affairs, has also condemned the dangerous, heinous terrorist crimes committed during the holy month of Ramadan in Somalia, Kuwait, France and Tunisia.

''These crimes, which bring in new widows and orphans, destabilise peace, security and safety, are being perpetrated in the name of our tolerant religion, which remains innocent since Islam is a religion of peace and affection that urges peoples and nations to promote interaction, cooperation and solidarity with each other. No extremist or deviant takfiri ideology can represent Islam,'' Dr. Gargash said in a statement on Friday.

The Minister emphasised that the spate of recent terrorist crimes  - which hit a number of countries and in which innocent lives were lost with utter savagery and the sanctity of the human soul was violated - reiterated once again the severity of the challenge ahead, which only requires a solid political will and close, strong international cooperation, coalition. This remains a policy the UAE is committed to and is seeking to adopt internationally in the aftermath of these bloody events, which the world experienced in the past few days.

''Confronting the appalling, murderous and evil terrorism rests with rallying the international community’s efforts to deter the extremist and takfiri ideology which lays the fertile ground for terrorism and justifies its crimes,'' he said, emphasising the UAE's absolute belief that fighting extremism and terrorism remains an international challenge that exempts no state or community. Combating it will only be possible through a holistic strategy, as the key to its success will be maintaining a clear-crystal vision and mobilization of concerted efforts and cooperation among civilised  countries.

To defeat the scourge of extremism and terrorism, he stressed, the international community needs a long-term relentless and patient commitment to maintain close international cooperation to dry up sources of terrorism and to promote intellectual awareness to defeat the deviant thoughts in a way that protects our society, preserves innocent lives and stands up to the sedition and sectarianism which extremism and terrorism are seeking to stoke their fire.

Expressing sympathy with the families of the victims and their loved ones, Dr. Gargash offered condolences on the loss of innocent lives due to these brutal crimes. He also wished a speedy recovery to those who have been injured.

EARLIER REPORT: Explosion hits mosque in Kuwait during Friday prayers

An explosion has hit a mosque in Kuwait city during Friday prayers and there were a number of casualties, the Kuwait News Agency (Kuna) reported .

Kuwaiti men react at the site of a suicide bombing that targeted the mosque during Friday prayers on June 26, 2015, in Kuwait City. (AFP)

Kuna identified the target as the Imam Al Sadeq Mosque in Al Sawaber neighbourhood.

A Kuwaiti man reacts at the site of a suicide bombing that targeted the mosque during Friday prayers on June 26, 2015, in Kuwait City. (AFP)


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