Victims of Saudi child rapist rise to 19

Three more children have recognised a serial Saudi rapist who had terrorised little girls in the Gulf kingdom’s second largest city before he was captured last week, raising to 19 the number of his victims.

Saudi newspapers on Thursday that said two Saudi girls and one Yemeni girl aged below 10 years immediately recognised their rapist in a queue at a police centre in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah.

“The new victims raised the total number of little girls raped by this human wolf to 19,” the Arabic language daily 'Al Watan' said.

Police said they succeeded in arresting the 42-year-old school teacher, who is married with six children, after his last victim led them to his apartment.Maha, 9, told police she remembered she heard azan (prayers call) at a nearby mosque at the rapist’s flat and also recalled the names of a number of nearby shops while he drove her out of his area.

“Police identified four houses with the same descriptions but Maha then told them to look for a red toy at the door…she also said she saw two other red toys near the television set and that the rapist was smoking sheesha,” the paper said.

“A police officer then located the apartment after seeing the red toy at the door…when he knocked at the door, a little boy opened it…the officer asked him if his father is smoking shisha inside and the boy said yes…the office and a police officer then raided the flat and seized the man.”

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