Video: Actor held in Saudi for talking to women

Actor held in Saudi for talking to women. (Youtube)

Saudi Arabia’s religious police arrested a well-known Kuwait actor for talking and photographing with female fans who surrounded him at a key shopping mall in the conservative Gulf Kingdom, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

Scores of women rushed to the actor in the mall in the capital Riyadh and asked to be photographed with him when members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice intervened, ‘Sada’ said.

It said the actor was taken by a police car to the Commission’s centre in the capital and was charged of violating Saudi rules by mingling and photographing with women.

A brief YouTube film published by the paper showed a commission member forced his way through the crowd and dragged the actor out of the mall.

The paper said it would reveal the name after the commission issues a statement on the incident, but the film showed the actor was Abdul Aziz Al Kassar.

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