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Woman with two husbands arrested

Saudi Arabia’s religious police arrested a woman for having two husbands at the same time and also practising sorcery, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice trapped the woman after receiving a tip off that she had two husbands in two cities at the same time, 'Kabar' Arabic language daily said.

After arresting her, she confessed to practicing sorcery and having two husbands in the capital Riyadh and the western town of Madina.
The paper did not say if the two husbands know they are married to the same woman.

Under Islam, a woman is allowed to have one husband at a time but men can have four wives at a time.

Boy commits suicide in Kuwait

A 17-year-old Syrian boy committed a suicide by hanging himself at home in Kuwait and police said they were investigating his motives.
His family woke up in the morning to find him hanging by a rope in his room in Kuwait City. He was still alive but died just before reaching hospital.

“Police are investigating the case to know the reasons behind the suicide,” the Kuwait Alwatan daily said.

Kuwaiti police bust illegal maid hiring network

Kuwaiti police arrested a Sri Lankan woman and many Asian housemaids who have absconded from their employers to work at other houses for more money.

The Sri Lankan woman, in her 60s, confessed to giving jobs to absconding maids at other houses in return for KD100 ($360) paid by the new employers.

Police raided her house in Kuwait City and arrested seven Sri Lankan maids, one Indian and one Filipina.

“Police raided the house after receiving a tip off from an Asian woman…the Sri Lankan told police that woman reported her because she was jealous,” the Arabic language daily Alanba said, adding that all those arrested would be deported from the oil-rich Gulf emirate.