Yemen announces its support for Saudi-led Coalition's decision to sever ties with Qatar

The Yemeni government today announced its support for the steps taken by the leadership of the Coalition to Support the Legitimacy in Yemen in ending the participation of Qatari forces in the coalition, and severing diplomatic ties with the State of Qatar.

In a statement carried by Yemen's official news agency, the Yemeni government said that it supports the coalition leadership's decision to withdraw Qatari forces from the coalition as well as severing diplomatic relations with Qatar, after uncovering Qatar's dealings with coup militias and its support of extremist groups in Yemen, "which contravenes the objectives agreed upon by states supporting the legitimate government in Yemen."

It continued, "We are confident that our brothers, members of the coalition, will continue to exert all their efforts to achieve security and stability for the Yemeni people, support the legitimacy and restore the sovereignty of the Yemeni state from the coup, and continue fighting terrorism across all Yemeni territories."

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