Yemeni coup rebels take missiles away from Taiz

Yemen’s coup rebels have started moving missiles and heavy weapons in the Southwestern town of Taiz to the capital Sanaa as they fear a major offensive by the coalition and their allies to seize the town.

Reports from Yemen quoted eye witnesses as saying they saw large trucks laden with rockets and other weapons leaving the Taiz area on Tuesday and heading for Sanaa, the main stronghold of the Iranian-backed Houthis and their allies.

“Witnesses said the Houthis are emptying all their weapons depots in and around Taiz as they fear the battle of liberation declared by the coalition could begin within the next few days,” Yemen Press news network said.

It quoted witnesses as saying the missiles were being moved from the Houthi military camp in Houban, east of Taiz city.

Yemeni vice president and Prime Minister Khalid Bahah said this week a final offensive to seize Taiz would be launched within days by the Saudi-led Arab coalition and the national Yemeni army and resistance. He said the liberation of the besieged city has become a matter of time.