Samsung Galaxy S3 sells past iPhone 4S in UAE?

A 16GB Galaxy S3 is selling at Dh2,499 in Dubai

The Samsung Galaxy S3 launch in the UAE was met with the kind of response normally reserved for Apple’s iProducts.

A 16GB Galaxy S3 is selling at Dh2,499 in Dubai.

The 32GB model will not be available in the UAE right now. Samsung has planned an official launch event in Dubai on June 4.

Stores claimed to have run out of stock within hours of the launch this morning.

That may have been because all stores that Emirates 24|7 spoke to have a limited supply of the smartphone.

According to at least two major stores, including EMax, the demand for the latest 4.8 inch android phone is stronger than at the launch of the iPhone 4S.

In fact, in a stranger or smart strategy, the experts are still out on the that one, the S3 was made available to local customers last week.

“We had about 20 units of 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 and all are sold out. Fresh stocks will be here within the next few days,” said a sales staff at Sharaf DG.

 “There are more and more customers who are asking for the S3,” the staff said.

According to trends made available from markets where the S3 has already launched the smartphone is giving apple and its iPhone 4S a run for its money.

With a sleek oval shaped design and a 4.8-inch screen that boasts of a 720p-resolution display along with a quad-core processor the Galaxy S3 also has a micro SD slot for additional memory and a larger and more powerful battery.

TechRadar has already termed the smartphone as the best in the market.


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