Samsung Galaxy S4: Dubai release on April 27

An event for the media scheduled for April 24; Bloggers given preview

Samsung Electronics gave bloggers in Dubai a hands-on experience of its brand new spearhead, the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

At an elite event at the Dubai Marina Yacht Club on Wednesday, bloggers were allowed to go preview the device and check out its various features before it hits store shelves later this month.

The South Korean company will be holding an event for the media a couple of weeks later, on April 24, 2013, after which the spearhead will be officially available in the UAE on April 27th onwards.

Here’s what the community tweeted about it:

I decided to stop playing with the S4 and tweet. I'll play with it at home #galaxys4dubai (Jad‏@a_jad)

Here at the S4 media launch. Impressed indeed. #galaxys4dubai (Jodasche Michael‏@JoddyM)

Might go for this phone next, kind of dissapointed with the Z10 =S #GalaxyS4Dubai (Mohammad AD Abdulla‏@MADAbdulla)

Have they announced the release date for the #galaxys4dubai? CMON people! I've been waiting ever since the first press release was published (Neelofer‏@DarkRangerN)

Agreed RT "@binmujahid: I’ll tell ya one thing. That phone doesn’t feel plasticky no more. #GalaxyS4Dubai" (Kenny G‏@getkenny)

its too good...whats the price in dubai ?RT @Tan_taz So sleek and full of features! #GalaxyS4Dubai #PICKME 444 (Prateek R Dubey@Prtk_Live)

@SamsungMobileME Can you please tell me how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? #galaxys4dubai (Ali Al Rahma@alialrahma)

I thought the picture with sound feature was pretty interesting. Sort of like a still video? #GalaxyS4Dubai (Danielle Khoury@daniellekhoury)

@Khaledtron @jarofjuice I suggest you  put that intelligence of yours to use and steal a device. Then give it to me. Kthnxbai #GalaxyS4Dubai (Neelofer@DarkRangerN)

@Khaledtron you know those seagulls from Finding Nemo? Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine #GalaxyS4Dubai (Neelofer@DarkRangerN)

@SamsungMobileME tweeting & tweeting and tweeting :) #GalaxyS4Dubai hope i be 444th tweet (BrunoDubai@Mjeyung)

Send everyone to twitter jail so I can be the 444th! #GalaxyS4Dubai (Tanisha G@Tan_taz)

+1? "@BassamKaddour Which version of the Galaxy S4 will be available in the GCC? the Exynos Octa? or the Qualcomm 600? #GalaxyS4Dubai" (Danielle Khoury@daniellekhoury)

This ragazza has made my night! Love the #GalaxyS4Dubai event. @hymaddy (Brittany L. S. @brittanylsinde)

#GalaxyS4Dubai its battery will last more. I'm running out of battery in my iphone (Augusto Rozo@augustorozo)

@SamsungMobileME how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood #galaxys4dubai (Ali Al Rahma@alialrahma)

#galaxys4dubai can't air gesture a text message so you're still going to get fingerprints. Calm down, we've seen the presentation already (Eddy Dubai@eddydubai)

I guess everyone at @SamsungMobileME Sneak Peek is busy monitoring tweets #GalaxyS4Dubai 444th (Ion Gonzaga@ionGonzaga)

#galaxys4dubai fullHD, dual camera,sound & shot, group play, stranslate, smart pause, smart scroll, air gesture, shealth oh n it makes calls (Monica@Monica_Tomar)

Apparently we make a great team! "@jarofjuice: Kinda neat being with @khaledtron at the #GalaxyS4Dubai event." (Khaled Akbik@Khaledtron)

@Khaledtron No offense, but I hope you don't win. I want it! ;) Great to see you again. #GalaxyS4Dubai (Danielle Khoury@daniellekhoury)

@daniellekhoury: I really liked the S View Cover for the S4, very practical and pretty #galaxys4dubai” (Jad@a_jad)

Common guys.. 155 tweets so far for the 444 competition! #galaxys4dubai (SamsungMobileArabia@SamsungMobileME)

I really liked the S View Cover for the S4, very practical and pretty #galaxys4dubai (Danielle Khoury@daniellekhoury)

#galaxys4dubai Can the S4 be better than my S3 - ?? Can't waiit to find out! Love my @SamsungMobileME  :) (Kellie Harding@DubaiWriter)

Gonna have to ask how this audio + photo is played back #galaxys4dubai (Kinan Jarjous@jarofjuice)

That's my tweet on a screen at the #GalaxyS4Dubai preview. This could become an endless tweet-loop (Austyn Allison@maustyn)

There are small textures at the front of the phone. Looks pretty. #GalaxyS4Dubai (Kinan Jarjous@jarofjuice)

#GalaxyS4Dubai launch seems to be going well. Lots of little blinking frantically at eye-recognition phones (Austyn Allison@maustyn) 

Playing with the Samsung S4 at the #GalaxyS4Dubai launch. April 27 is the big launch date. (Danielle Khoury@daniellekhoury)

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