School bus crash: both drivers at fault

The preliminary evidence obtained by police shows drivers of both the minibus and the school bus were at fault and bear responsibility for the accident that took place on Tuesday morning on Dubai's busy Sheikh Zayed Road.

According to primary prosecution evidence, the 23-year-old Indian driver of the minbus, who escaped unhurt, is liable for the mishap as he put dozens of lives in danger by pulling over abruptly in the middle of SZR, reported 'Gulf News'.

However, Dubai’s chief Traffic Public Prosecutor Salah Bu Farousha says the 56-year-old school bus driver, who is battling for life at the Rashid Hospital, is partially responsible for speeding and for not maintaining a safe distance.

The accident happened immediately after the minibus carrying workers pulled over on the fourth lane of the busy SZR and the driver got out to check a tyre burst in his vehicle, causing injuries to 16 people.

"According to the mechanical committee's primary report, the minibus driver could have continued driving on the tyre which burst and stopped safely at the road shoulder. The damages and casualties could have been worse. A driver should constantly examine the tyres' pressure. On Tuesday, the 23-year-old failed to adhere to traffic and safety rules… he shouldn't have stopped in the fourth lane of a seven-lane highway. What he did was dangerous," Bu Farousha was quoted as saying by the daily.

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