Second-longest lunar eclipse of century

The UAE along with most part of the world will witness one of this centruy’s biggest luna eclipse on June 15.

The lunar eclipse will be visible almost everywhere in the world except North America, said astronomers who are describing this time of the year as an eclipse season. The eclipse will start at 10:22pm when the Earth's dark shadow will start eclipsing the full moon disc and finish at 02:02am after three hours and 40 minutes, Gulf New reported.

Astronomical calculations also confirm that it would be one of the two longest total lunar eclipses of the century.

According to the scientists, a total of 85 total lunar eclipses, will be taking place this century of which the longest total lunar eclipse will occur on July 27, 2018.

The June 15 eclipse will be just three minutes shorter to it.

With the day and night difference, people in the world would see the eclipse at different times. In Europe and Africa, the eclipse will be seen sometime between sunset and midnight on June 15 just before the people in the Middle East. People in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand will see it after midnight and sunrise on June 16.


Partial eclipse begins: 18:23 GMT (10.23pm Dubai time)

Total eclipse begins: 19:23 GMT (11.23pm)

Greatest eclipse: 20:13 GMT (00.13am)

Total eclipse ends: 21:03 GMT (01:03am)

Partial eclipse ends: 22:02 GMT (02:02am)

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