Security chiefs want tighter border control

The heads of Arab customs and border, seaports and airports security have called for a special security force to protect border ports of entry and their staff from terrorist attacks.

During their 13th conference and a concurrent joint meeting, the officials urged for enhancing the counter-terrorism efficiency of security personnel at borders, seaports and airports, providing necessary equipment and recognising the existing relationships between terrorist organisations and organised crime gangs.

Other points stressed by the participants include real-time exchange of information between Arab border control authorities on the movement of fighters to and from conflict zones and areas of tensions.

The participants will submit their recommendations to the Arab Interior Ministers Council at its next meeting.

The two UAE delegations who participated in the conference and the meeting, organised yesterday by the Secretariat-General of Arab Interior Ministers Council, included Chairman of the Executive Committee of Advance Passenger Information (API) Centre, Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Director-General of the Federal Customs Authority (FCA), Mohammed Juma Buossaiba, and a number of officials and officers from the Ministry of Interior.