Sharjah grocery worker who resisted fleeing, non-paying customer dies

A file picture of Sharjah Police's Department of Criminal Investigation. Sharjah Police have urged traders to remain vigilant against such crimes. (EAY)

A Sharjah grocery worker who sustained major head and body injuries while trying to prevent a cheating customer from fleeing succumbed to his injuries on Sunday.

The worker had been struggling for his life in Umm Al Quwain Hospital after the incident in the last week of July. The incident left him brain-damaged.

Indian national Mohammed Abdul Rahman (45) of Raheem Grocery near Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah sustained three major head injuries when he resisted a customer in a four-wheel vehicle who tried to speed off without paying for his purchases.

“We have informed his family about his death, after spending three weeks on a ventilator at the Umm Al Quwain Hospital,” said Anaz Yaseem, a colleague of the deceased who was working in the grocery on the day when the deceased sustained injury.

“We all will miss a very friendly and caring person who never tried to antagonise his friends or customers. He was pious and used to pray regularly,” he added.
Mohammed is survived by his wife, children and six sisters who live in India.

“His wife used to call up every day to know whether there was any improvement in his condition.

“He was the only breadwinner in his big family and his wife did not have money to come and take care of him during his final days,” says Anaz, who is busy arranging documents for his friend’s body repatriation.

“That night, Mohammed was about to finish his work for the day and go home. Just minutes before the closure time, a customer came in a four-wheel drive and asked for telephone cards while seated in his vehicle.

“When he tried to flee without paying, my friend tried to stop him, but he was dragged by the speeding vehicle and died after falling on the road,”Anaz told Emirates 24|7.

“He was always worried about completing his dream house in his village. He just built a room on a foundation laid for a big house, but now he left without fulfilling his dream,” added Anaz.

“After hearing a big noise, I came out of the shop and saw him lying on the ground, bleeding. I took him to the Kuwait Hospital, who then referred him to the Umm Al Quwain Hospital for treatment. His head injury affected his brain functioning,” Anaz added.

The Sharjah Police have urged traders to remain vigilant against such crimes.

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