Sorcerer held over “fake treasure”

When a Bangladeshi man involved in sorcery told an ageing Saudi about the presence of a large gold treasure at his house and that he can find it for him in return for some money, the Saudi agreed. But the old man just wanted an evidence.

The Bangladeshi then went to the Saudi house, told the man to sit on his chair and close his eyes. With a little incense and some fake psalms, the Bangladeshi then pulled a gold coin from under the bed, where he had skillfully concealed it.

He told the Saudi man his guess is that the treasure is about SRone million($270,000) and that he can dig it out for him if he gives him SR190,000($51,000). The Saudi man instantly accepted the deal.

“The old man’s nephew learned about the scam and phoned the police…they arrested the Bangladeshi sorcerer and are searching for one accomplice,” Sabq newspaper said on Thursday.

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