CCTV reveals millionaire's murder

Colombo - Key evidence which has led to the revelation of the mysterious kidnapping and killing of a millionaire shoe designer in Wellawatta has come from data recorded in a CCTV camera, the Lanka Mirror has reported.

The victim Mohammed Shiyam’s body was discovered by the relatives on May 31.

He is the father of three children.

The Mirihana Police were able to find his car, which had been abandoned by a roadside in Nugegoda.

However, by investigating the data which had been recorded in a CCTV camera installed in the vicinity of the abandoned vehicle, police were able to arrest a close friend of Shiyam and another businessman.

According to the report, the camera clearly shows footage of one of the accused bringing his friend and handing him over to the killers.

It is said that the suspect has been engaged in illegal money trade and had borrowed nearly SLR30 million from Shiyam.

The suspects are now being interrogated under detention.

Interior decorator severely tortured by police

Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has claimed that states MMD Aruna Nilupul Indika (39) of Welipenna, Kalutara District, was illegally arrested and severely tortured.

Chili was applied onto his eyes and genitals.

The AHRC notes that on May 27, 2013, he was arrested and tortured on the instruction of a lawyer and her husband.

The lawyer’s family had lost some items and suspected Nilupul Indika, who had done some interior decoration work at their house sometime earlier.

One of the officers allegedly put ‘kocchi’ chillies (very potent) in a sock, crushed the chillies, added water and then poured the dripping chili into Nilupul’s eyes. While he was struggling in pain, the officers held him down and put the chilies on his genitals.

At 6 am on the following day, an Irishman named only as Mr. Helhill visited him at his cell and, having learned about the circumstances, intervened with the Office-in-Charge of the police station. Mr. Helhill told the police officers that Nilupul Indika was his best friend.

The Superintendent of Police for the area arrived at the police station for a visit and Mr. Helhill spoke to the Superintendent and sought the release of Indika.