Husband kills wife’s paramour at night

Colombo: A retired soldier allegedly killed a man when he found his wife and the victim in an illegal relationship at his house at night, ‘Sunday Mawbima’ reported.

The victim, an electrician by profession, is a father of three children.

The suspect woke up in the middle of night due to thirst and found his wife missing.

He went to kitchen to drink water where he heard some noises from the other room. When he peeped into the room, he saw his wife and the man engaged in an illegal relationship.

The retired soldier stabbed his wife and her 42-year-old paramour with a knife he brought from the kitchen.

Both the victims were admitted to a hospital, but her paramour died of his wounds.

Police said the victim had an extramarital affair with the suspect’s wife for about seven years.

Investigations revealed that the woman used to mix sleeping pills to her husband’s glass of water before engaging in illegal relationship with the electrician on previous occasions.

On the day of the incident, the 47-year-old suspect forgot to drink glass of water before going to bed and woke up at the night due to thirst.

Investigations continue.

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