Husband offers wife to his friend, jailed

A husband and his friend were jailed for 10 years after it was proved in the court that the man had offered his wife to the friend to rape her in front of him.

The court also ordered each of the two criminals to pay a fine of Rs20,000 and compensation of Rs150,000 to the victim, ‘Mawbima’ reported.

The husband was also charged for threatening to kill the wife if she refused him.

The state prosecution lawyer Indika Nelumini had urged the court to award maximum penalty to the two accused for the inhuman abuse of the wife.

The incident took place in Amithirigala area of Ruwanwella, Sri Lanka, on July 16. The two accused were residents of Amithirigala area in Ruwanwella, ‘Mawbima’ reported.

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