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Kids unaware dad dead survive on bananas

Two children spent five days eating plantain in their home not knowing that their father’s body was lying in the house after their mother clubbed him to death.

The mother abandoned the children and fled from her home after killing 47-year-old husband, ‘Gossip C Lanka’ reported.

Police found the body on Tuesday morning, four days after the incident. The incident took place in Harankawa area in Hathnagoda, Beligala, in Sri Lanka.

The man, a labourer, married the woman about eight years ago and had two boys aged three and five.

The couple were involved in disputes frequently and the woman left her husband and the kids on many occasions earlier.

The victim’s younger sister claimed that she used to look after the children during the absence of their mother.

On the day of incident, there was a heated argument between the couple and the woman fled the home after killing the husband with a club while the children remained in the house for four days while their father was dead in the house.

The victim’s elder son told police that there was an argument between the parents and the mother abandoned them after hitting the father with a club.

The child told police that they called their father but he did not respond, so he continued playing with his brother and ate plantains.

Police handed over the children to their aunt.

Investigation is underway and the police is hunting for the suspect.