Man who rears snakes dies of snake bite

An environmentalist, who reared snakes in his home as a hobby, died of snake bite.

This was revealed by hospital authorities after a postmortem inquiry held at the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital in Galle, Sri Lanka, ‘Hiru Gossip’ reported.

Identified as Amal Kithruwan Wijesekara, the environmentalist was a resident of Wakwella in Galle.

The man’s father told police his son was in good health and had not illness.

“He was the eldest among three siblings. He had no symptoms of any illness. There are snakes in my home because he loved to rear snakes as a hobby. On the day of incident, our neighbour came running saying that my son had collapsed near the gate,” the father said in the statement.

“When I went near the front gate, I saw him fallen upside down. When I touched his body, it was cold. I informed the police,” he statement in his testimony.

Galle police are further investigating the case.

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