Mother jumps into well with daughter

Neighbours inform cops after family members went missing. (Supplied)

Sri Lanka: A 36-year old woman jumped to death into a well with her 10-year old daughter after her older daughter, 16, consumed poison, 'Divaina' reported.

Investigations revealed that the elder daughter had taken poison because her lover had suddenly stopped conversing with her.

The teen used the neighbour's computer to chat with her boyfriend on a social networking site, when he withdrew without any notice. The girl was depressed and consumed the poison while her mother was away.

The younger sister immediately informed the neighbours who rushed her to the hospital.

When the mother returned home in the evening, she screamed in agony over the incident. And later took her youngest daughter and jumped into the well behind the house.

Neighbours informed the cops when they noticed the family members were missing.

Police officials found two bodies in the well.

The woman had separated from her husband eight years ago and was working on a meagre salary to educate her children.

Police is conducting further investigations.