Mum leaves 4-yr old alone, boy drowns in well

Ruvira Malshan Kesara (04) of the Narthanagala housing scheme, Horana in Colombo.

He died at the Horana hospital.

According to a report in The Island newspaper, he had fallen into an unprotected well in the backyard of his house he was rushed to hospital after being rescued on Tuesday.

His parents were employed in the private sector and as usual they had left for work on the fateful day leaving the grandmother of the children to look after them.

On the day of the tragedy she had left the children alone at home and had gone on some errand to Horana.

When she was leaving home, she had locked the rear door of the house so that little Kesara would not be able to leave the house.

But boy had climbed onto a chair and unlocked the door and walked towards the well.

When his sister looked for him to watch television there was no response from him and then she found that the rear door of the house was opened.

She screamed and ran to the well and found that her brother’s footsteps were there.

Hearing her cries two men doing some construction work in the house had rushed to the scene and pulled the boy out and rushed him to the hospital. He died the following day.

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