Sri Lanka's 'Cobra girl' hisses… lies!

Oops! Lankan Cobra girl’s random lies…

Now the Sri Lankan ‘Cobra girl’s’ life story seems to be more lies with little truth!

The grandfather of the controversial 'Cobra girl' Nirosha Wimalaratne, says that his granddaughter has been taking everyone for a ride with her diabolical lies.

This was revealed when Swarnavahini TV station went to her village in Danthure, Kandy, to find the truth about her background.

They traced the man who had been taking care of the ‘Cobra girl’ from her childhood. It was her grandfather.

He informed Swarnavahini that he was the person who brought up the ‘Cobra girl’ since her parents had abandoned her as a child.

He said that she was living in a hut, which was covered with polythene when he found her. He added that her father was an alcoholic and her mother was employed as a housemaid in the Middle East.

"Her claims of her father being of Iranian origin and her mother being Indian are lies. Her mother’s name is Wickremesinghe Mudiyanselage Sriyani

Wickremesinghe," he said, adding that, "She was born in Kossinna and her birth certificate was issued through the Kossinna Divisional Secretariat."

He said she did not go to an international school as she told but studied at Danthure Vidyalaya up to the O/Ls. "There are no international schools in Danthure," the grandfather revealed.

Lakbimanews which also traced more information about her, found out that the grandfather had chased her away from his house when he heard that she was working in a night club in Colombo.

Meanwhile, a gypsy at the Galle Face Green, after seeing media reports claimed that Nirosha had bought a snake from him for Rs20, 000 saying that she needs to release a snake to fulfill a vow.

Lakbima, a Sinhala daily, prior to getting the story from her grandfather visited her where she performs her ‘snake dance’ at Cleopatra Night Club in Colombo.

Nirosha made instant media headlines in the country following the forced removal of her pet cobra by the Kollupitiya police. The snake was then handed over to the Dehiwala zoo. She was charged with cruelty to animals based on her possession of the snake.

However the ‘Cobra girl’ filed objections in the District Court against the actions of the Kollupitiya police and got back her pet.

The ‘Cobra girl’ who created headlines in the country through her unusual affection and affinity to her pet cobra in an interview with Lakbima reiterated that her mother is an Indian and that she lives in Nasik in India while her father is an Iranian.

She also claimed that she was given for adoption as a toddler to a person named Wimalaratne in Pilimatalawa area in the Kandy district.

"My Iranian father had said that my mother’s genes are different. My father knows a lot about my Indian mother," said the girl.

She said that having the same genes as her mother, she had been drawn to love snakes and cobras from her childhood. She also added that through her interaction with these venomous creatures she has developed certain powers.

Indian origin

Nirosha said that there is a poisonous cobra that is in her mother’s possession, and that her mother – Mahima Chopra, lives in Nasik, India.

She added that her mother was distressed on hearing that she was arrested and had to hand over her pet to the zoo. She went on to say that she had not been able to pursue studies as her Sri Lankan father to whom she was given for adoption did not have sufficient money to spend for her education. But she had managed to study up to the Ordinary Level.

She claimed that her dancing skills had come to her naturally as she was born to an Indian mother, and said that she had no formal training in dancing.

It was while she worked at a textile shop in the Katunayake area that she was offered a job at the Cleopatra nightclub, which she patronised with her friends.

"The manager of the nightclub, offered me the job as a snake dancer." she revealed.

Asked whether she has any idea of settling down, Nirosha said that she has a boyfriend who is an Iranian like her biological father and that one day she would walk down the aisle with him as she is already engaged to him.

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