Underage girl abducted and raped


A businessman was arrested in Sri Lanka on Sunday  for abducting a 16-year-old girl who was chatting with her boyfriend on a beach and raping her, ‘Lankadeepa’ reported.

The suspect acting as a police officer to abduct the girl in a car.

The victim, who had come to the beach with her 16-year-old boyfriend,  son of a former  police officer in Matara district. Arriving in a black car, the suspect forced them into the vehicle, saying he was taking them to a police station.

 Police  found that the suspect had dropped the boy near Matara railway station and took the girl to a lonely spot in Tangalle where he raped her inside the car

The police found condoms, a bag with clothes, 12 mobile phone SIM cards and several identity cards belonging to underage girls in th suspect's car.

The suspect was due to be produced before the Matara magistrate.

Woman engaged underage school-students in begging

Police in Sri Lanka on Saturday arrested a woman who engaged nine underage school students in begging in Dambulla town, the ‘Dinamina’ reported.

On a tip-off received by the police, a police team caught the group engaged in begging.

All the children, both girls and boys, were school-students and each of them had been earning from Rs1,000 to Rs1,500 per day which were divided among the woman and the children's parents, police said.

The woman used to take the children in a three-wheeler vehicle and drop them near religious places, bus stands and other crowded places.

The children were taught what to say while begging, police said.

The suspects were due to be produced before the Dambulla magistrate.

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