Youth drinks poison after fiancé’s gang rape

A young man drank poison in a bid to end his life after he came to know that his fiancé was gang raped, ‘Mawbima’ reported.

The man’s fiancé also reportedly tried to commit suicide by drinking poison in Samagipura area in Suriyapura police division in Sri Lanka.

Both of them were admitted to a Kantale hospital.

The young woman had given a letter to her aunt to be handed over to the police, mentioning names of the four rapists.

The four suspects were residents of the same area and were in the police custody.

Parents of both the victims initially thought that they mistakenly drank the poison but came to know about the reason after the young girl’s letter revealed the incident.

Suriyapura police is investigating the case.

Married men rape young woman

Two married men repeatedly raped a young woman who was living with her old grandmother.

The two accused were caught by the villagers from Polgahawela area in Sri Lanka for sexually molesting the 18-year-old girl, ‘Hiru Gossip’ reported.

The accused were molesting the girl for two years and threatened to kill both the victim and her grandmother if they informed anyone about the abuse.

On the day of the incident, the suspects came to the victim’s house after consuming alcohol and assaulted the young woman. On hearing the victim’s screams, neighbours came to her house and rescued them. The villagers tied the culprits to a tree before handing them over to police.

A neighbour said that the victim’s mother had gone abroad for employment after the death of her father about five-years ago.

She told neighbours that they didn’t reveal her ordeal and remained silent because the suspects had made death threats to them.

The victim was admitted to Polgahawela hospital for a medical examination.

Polgahawela police is investigating the case.