Supervisor's 'beg-to-work' Ramadan deal

An Asian supervisor of a cleaning company in Saudi Arabia was arrested for misusing his position and forcing the workers to pay him between SR500-1,000 (Dh500-1,000) to allow them to work in the evening during Ramadan.

The story went viral on social media, with many amazed by the criminal mind of the Asian supervisor.

There are more than 195 workers in the cleaning company and they were responsible for cleaning five districts .

Investigations showed that before the start of Ramadan, the supervisor had a meeting with all the cleaners and said that new fees will be imposed on all workers who want to work in the evening during Ramadan.

These fees were SR500 for those who want to work in residential areas and SR1,000 for those who want to work on main road areas.

He also threatened the workers that all those who don’t agree to do that will be forced to work during the day while they are fasting.

The supervisor was arrested and he is currently being questioned to complete initial investigations.

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