Teacher forces 5-year-old girl to eat bagel from trash

Also: Mosque preacher gets traffic fine while praying

Officials in a southern New Jersey school district are investigating a parent's claim that a teacher forced a 5-year-old girl to eat a bagel that was pulled out of the trash, as her classmates watched. 

Kandice Taylor filed a complaint with Deerfield Township school officials earlier this month, after her daughter told her about the incident. According to the woman's lawyer, the girl got the bagel as part of her school breakfast but threw it out, after taking a bite, because she didn't like the taste. 

Taylor says she has been keeping the child out of school because her daughter feels humiliated. 

Deerfield school officials did not respond to a request for comment on Wednesday. They have previously said the matter was under investigation.

Mosque preacher gets traffic fine while praying

A well-known Saudi mosque preacher was shocked when he was notified by the police that he had committed a road speeding offence on Friday at the same time when he was leading open-air prayers at the mosque.
Sheikh Abdul Muttalib al Qarshi, Imam (preacher) of the main mosque in the western town of Taif, said the date and time of the offence sent to him showed that he had committed it just while he was praying at the Taif Mosque.
“It’s not just the date and time…the ticket showed I committed the offence in Riyadh while I was in Taif on that day,” he told Sabq newspaper.
Qarshi said he has evidence that he was at mosque in Taif when the police camera, dubbed Saher, recorded that offence in the capital Riyadh.


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