Teen jumps from school window after failing

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A 16-year-old boy jumped out of a window at his school, after he saw his mum break down crying over his report card.

The teen, who is in Year 11 at Al Ameer English School, discovered he failed mathematics and accounting.

He leapt from the first floor of the building in Ajman when his mother began weeping at him failing in two subjects. He was also upset when he was informed by his teacher that he would not be promoted to the next grade.

He survived the fall and was rushed to nearby Khalifa Hospital, where he is being treated for injuries to his pelvis and face.

When questioned by police, the teenager said: “I could not take it when my mother cried. I tried to jump from the building and end my life.”

Shocked staff members and parents rushed to the boy’s aid and found him bleeding badly.

Vice Principal Abu Saleh, was quoted by 7Days as saying that the family is also having financial problems. “We always support students when they are not doing well. It’s really shocking what he has done,” added Saleh, who is also a student counsellor at the school.

He said the boy had a very good attitude, but his academic results tended to be poor.

Saleh said there were a number of parents and students at the school at the time of the incident.

“Everyone rushed to the spot after hearing his mother scream. He was lying face down and we told them not to move him,” he said.

Gulf Today reported that Brigadier Ali Abdullah Elwan, police chief of Ajman, confirmed the suicide attempt by the boy. The police have opened a case to investigate the case. He said that committing suicide is crime.

According to a source from Khalifa Hospital quoted in the newspaper, “The boy was admitted to the hospital and he suffered from pelvic bone fracture and lost a lot of blood as a result of the fall. But he did not suffer from internal bleeding.”

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