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Toddler loses six fingers in escalator accident in mall [video]

A toddler lost six of her fingers in an escalator in an harrowing accident that happened in a mall in Beijing, China.

The new CCTV footage showed the one-year child coming down with an older man but seconds later the toddler went back alone to the escalator again.

The moment she stepped on the running escalator, the child lost her balance and fell down. In order to soften her fall, she placed hands on the escalator’s stairs.

By then the child had reached the last step of the escalator and but still trying to balance herself. At the last step of the escalator, her fingers were squeezed in the mechanism. An elder man had approached the child and pulled her back; but unfortunately six of her fingers got stuck in the escalator and separated from the hand.

The escalator also stopped automatically. She was reportedly rushed to the hospital for the treatment.

Of late, there have been reports of accidents of people getting stuck in  escalators in shopping centres mostly in China.