Top 10 countries with the cheapest and most expensive petrol

In a world where cars are one of our main forms of transport we are well aware that the price of petrol rises and falls every day.

Have you ever wondered just how much the rest of the world are paying for their fuel?

Just Tyres have used Global Petrol Prices data to show the most expensive places in the world to pay for fuel.

Driving is one of the most expensive and popular forms of transport, there are predicted to be 2 billion vehicles on the roads worldwide by 2035 with the current number set to double by 2040.
With fuel costs set to rise as the valuable fossil fuels run out just how much higher can these prices get?

The piece reveals that the Middle East is the place to be if you want to pay pennies for your petrol; 6 oil rich countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran, dominate the top 10 list of cheapest fuel prices, ranging from £0.84 to £1.64 per gallon.

Thought those prices were cheap? Venezuela is cheaper still, and takes the number 1 spot of cheapest fuel in the world.

Here a gallon would set you back a tiny £0.03.

At the other end of the scale is Hong Kong who pay the most overall for their fuel.

A gallon in Hong Kong costs a gargantuan £6.68. Other countries who pay fortunes for their petrol include Iceland (£6.54), Norway (£6.47), Monaco (£6.07) and Israel (£6.02) with The Netherlands, Italy and Greece following close behind.

To put the numbers into perspective, to fill up a standard Ford Focus with a 12.1-gallon fuel tank would set you back £0.36 in Venezuela, £42.23 in China and an eye-watering £80.83 in Hong Kong.
Top 9 cheapest countries*:

1. Venezuela     £0.36
2. Saudi Arabia £10.16
3. Turkmenistan £12.00
4. Algeria         £13.79
5. Egypt          £14.64
6. Kuwait         £14.64
7. Iran             £15.73
8. Ecuador      £16.58
9. Bahrain      £17.91

Top 10 most expensive countries*:

1. Hong Kong  £80.83
2. Iceland        £79.13
3. Norway       £78.29
4. Monaco      £73.45
5. Israel          £72.84
6. Netherlands £72.36
7. Italy           £72.12
8. Greece      £71.15
9. Mayotte     £68.97
10. Denmark  £68.49